Inwood Kids Neighborhood Guide

A quiet and diverse residential area at the northern tip of Manhattan, Inwood is becoming increasingly attractive to families thanks to affordable housing; a slew of kid-friendly restaurants like the soda fountain at Dichter Pharmacy and the cheap kids' menu at Indian Road Cafe; and the stunning 196-acre waterfront Inwood Hill Park featuring the beautifully renovated Indian Hill Road Playground. Local parents connect with each other through the Inwood Kids Yahoo Group, which was founded in 2003.

The neighborhood is also full of history: A marked spot in Inwood Hill Park is supposedly where Native Americans sold Manhattan to Peter Minuit, and the area saw lots of action during the Revolutionary War. You can even get a peek at that period by visiting the Dyckman Farmhouse, a Dutch Colonial-style farmhouse turned museum that was built in 1784. Another time warp? A trip to medieval art mecca the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park, which is right on the Inwood/Washington Heights border.

Our guide to Inwood is filled with the best places to play, eat and experience with kids. Enjoy your visit, or if you're a local, make new discoveries.