8 Top Dual Language Preschools Near Chicago

Photo courtesy of the Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center
Photo courtesy of the Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center

If you’re interested in exploring the many benefits of a dual-language preschool in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. Preschools in Chicago featuring dual language programs provide a curriculum that is either partly or completely immersed in a second language. The goal is to help students reach developmental, literacy, and language milestones in two languages. We’ve rounded up some great preschools in Chicago as well as the nearby suburbs. Some schools on this list continue through elementary school as well. 

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Top Dual Language Preschools in Chicago

Photo courtesy of the Washington Dual Language Academy in Maywood

1. Washington Dual Language Academy - Maywood

The Washington Dual Language Academy in Maywood has over 300 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. This dual language school features a pre-kindergarten program that teaches in the child’s native language while immersing them in the same curriculum in a second language as well. To enroll your pre-schooler in the Pre-k program, you must live within the school and District 89 boundaries for Maywood, Melrose Park, and Broadview. 

2. St. Procopius Dual Language School - Chicago

St. Procopius Dual Language School offers preschool for both three-year-old and four-year-old classes featuring a full Spanish language immersion program. The dual language program continues through elementary school. The ratio of class instruction is 90:10 Spanish/English from preschool until third grade when the ratio transitions to 50:50. 

3. Intercultural Montessori Language School - Chicago and Forest Park

Intercultural offers a multi-language curriculum based in Montessori. Children as young as two can enroll through 8th grade. Preschool children can begin learning three different languages. On their staff, 84% of teachers speak more than two languages. There are two locations in Chicago and Forest Park. 

Photo courtesy of The Montessori Language Academy in Forest Park

4. Montessori Language Academy - Forest Park

The Montessori Language Academy offers a curriculum in both English and Japanese with classes in Spanish. Programs are offered for preschool and kindergarten students. You can also choose between full-day and half-day programs with Japanese for 4.5 hours or 5.5 hours per day. There are also options for extended care. 

5. Bilingual Montessori Lab Academy - Forest Park

The Bilingual Montessori Lab Academy located in Forest Park is a Montessori Spanish Immersion School. Children ages three to seven can enroll with no prior experience speaking Spanish. The Montessori-based school encourages self-motivation, and bilingualism, with an emphasis on outdoor learning environments as well. 

6. Rayito de Sol Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center - Chicago and Naperville

Rayito de Sol features a Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center curriculum for infants up to kindergarten. Their programs are made to help children reach their developmental milestones all while giving them a 100% dual language immersion classroom. Infants can start as early as six weeks old with preschool programs beginning at age 3 through pre-k. There are two locations in Chicago and Naperville. 

Photo courtesy of Children’s Montessori Language Academy in Hinsdale 

7. Children’s Montessori Language Academy - Hinsdale

Children’s Montessori Language Academy in Hinsdale offers a bi-lingual curriculum from birth to age six. For children under three, the classes are primarily taught in English and Spanish. After age three, classes are also taught in both French and Spanish. Spanish immersion is also offered in the extended day program for three to six-year old’s. 

8. Puerta Abierta Preschool (Total Spanish Immersion) - Evanston 

Puerta Abierta Preschool in Evanston features a total Spanish Immersion program. The school’s mission is to have its students reach age-appropriate literacy and language skills in both English and Spanish. There are full and half-day options for children ranging from two to six. 


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