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10 New and Updated NYC Playgrounds You (Probably) Haven't Visited Yet

Are your kids suffering from a bit of "been there, climbed that" playground fatigue at their tried-and-true favorite play spot? It may be time to explore a new romping ground. Fortunately, the NYC parks are ever changing. Here, we present 10 new (or nearly new) and updated playgrounds you probably haven't visited yet.

And of course, you can find all our favorite spots, old and new, in our Parks and Playgrounds Guide.

Destination Playground: DeSalvio Playground in Nolita

Nested within Soho, Nolita is a neighborhood best known for its chic cafes and fashion forward boutiques. But it's also a family destination thanks in part to one of the city’s most new and improved playgrounds. After a two-year long, $1.7 million renovation funded by the borough president and city council, the DiSalvio Playground recently re-opened to the delight of both neighborhood kids and kids who have traveled from other parts of the city. Read on for an overview of our recent visit.

Best Fall Festivals for NYC Kids in September

Kick off autumn at one of September's fun-filled (and mostly FREE) fall festivals in NYC. Annual family favorites abound this month, including top September GoList picks such as the Richmond County Fair and the annual Queens County Fair. For more interactive fun, make sure you hit up the Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. There are also plenty of cool under-the-radar events you may not have heard of, including a marine science fest in Tribeca, a sweet honey fest in Rockaway Beach, and Italian fairs in the Bronx and on Staten Island, which are both a lot less crowded than San Gennaro.

So banish the back-to-school blues by hitting one (or more) of these kid-friendly festivals this September.

35 Things to Do with Kids in Soho and Little Italy

Spend the day roaming around Soho and Little Italy with kids and you'll realize just how kid-friendly NYC can be. Of course there are tons of shops and restaurants, but if you look closer you can see that the area is teeming with tons of fun activities for the whole family: You just need to know where to look! Here are 35 of the best places for families to visit, shop, and eat in Soho and the adjacent neighborhoods of Little Italy and Hudson Square, including family-friendly restaurants, must-see museums, playgrounds, and neighborhood institutions. 

Christmas Tree Lightings in New York City This Holiday Season

You don't have to brave the Rockefeller Center commotion to witness a fabulous Christmas tree lighting in New York City.

We've rounded up some tree lightings that are much less crowded and every bit as hip, from Brooklyn and Queens to the Bronx and everywhere in between. These community holiday celebrations are festive and (mostly) FREE, and there’s no need to stand on your car to glimpse the goings-on. So grab that cup of hot chocolate and cozy up to one of these holiday illuminations in New York City. Find even more seasonal fun in our Holiday Guide.

35 Things to Do in Soho & Little Italy—An Insider's Guide for NYC Kids

It can be hard for someone who lived in Soho as a kid to see the neighborhood clearly now. Mostly we see what it’s not anymore as we think back to the days of abandoned streets, five-floor walk-ups to unfinished lofts, and the artists and art galleries that occupied the area. Today, the heart of Soho has become NYC’s biggest outdoor shopping mall and, especially with the closing of the Scholastic Store, it doesn’t seem like the most kid-friendly corner of the city. However, just as we can look past the shiny new storefronts to see the beautiful old cast-iron facades that sit above them, there are some wonderful experiences for families in this historic neighborhood—if you know where to look.

Throughout March, we'll be writing about the best places for families to visit, shop and eat in Soho and adjacent neighborhoods Little Italy and Hudson Square. For the purposes of our posts, our geographical boundaries are Houston to Canal Streets between the Bowery and the Hudson River. We kick off our coverage with the top 35 things to do in Soho and its surrounding environs.

NYC Animal Shelters: Dog and Cat Adoption Tips in New York City

So you have finally given in to your kids' pleas and agreed to adopt a family pet. Good timing, as October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. The ways to adopt a dog, cat, kitten or puppy in NYC are endless, from drives at your local pet supply store to sophisticated shelters like Bideawee, which matches you to your potential pet like a dating service.

Read on to learn some differences between adopting from a large organization versus a smaller independent rescue center, and why buying an animal from a pet store may not be your best option.

Animal Care Classes for NYC Kids: Feed, Care and Talk to the Animals

My kids, like so many others, are obsessed with animals. My son in particular has been campaigning hard for a puppy, but so far, we’ve remained an animal-free household. Of course there's only so long I can put him off. That's why I was thrilled to find out that there are lots of animal care classes for kids, so he can get his cute critter fix, and I can keep my sofa free of fur and scratches.

Taking an animal care class is a lot more hands-on than visiting a petting zoo. Children find out how much work goes into looking after them and what a big responsibility they are. They also learn respect and compassion for all creatures. So next time your child asks for a four-legged pal, consider signing them up for one of these animal care classes for kids instead (hey at least you'll find out if they're ready to clean up poop).

10 One-Food Wonders for Lip Smackin’ New York City Snackin’

As parents we might do back flips to make sure our kids eat their daily 3-square chock full of veggies, whole grains and power fruits. However, sometimes it’s very fun (and wicked delicious) to ditch squaresville, flipping those pesky food pyramids on their points, in order to chow down on some of NYC’s awesome one-food-wonders. And we’re not talking about the cupcake craze either. NYC is fairly unique in offering a huge variety of obsessively crafted single-food stands and other illustrious eateries where there’s virtually just one thing on the menu. But oh what delectable things they are!

We’ve scoped out some the most kid-ilicious single-food snacks around. (You’ll love them too.) Enjoy some of the very best single-food sensations around, all under $10:


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