This Week's Picks: Tam O' Shanters and Bagpipes October 6 - 10

While the people of Scotland were recently thwarted in their bid for independence, they still have plenty of national pride -which is on display in Ventura this later this week at the Seaside Highland Games. Gather the clans and pin your wee lads and lassies into their plaid kilts. Be sure to prepare with a hearty snack if haggis isn’t your thing. The Games offer a great opportunity to appreciate the sport of large men throwing things. And remember, this is the first week of October so be on the lookout for free admissions at local museums. Another thing to be on the lookout for? A full lunar eclipse. 

1. Underwood Family Farms 17th Annual Fall Harvest Festival– Monday
Some things are just better done on weekdays. Enjoy a cheaper (admission is just $3 Mon-Fri) and less crowded pumpkin patch experience and teach the little ones where carrots come from at the same time. Underwood does Harvest right.

2. Happy Kid Yoga Event - Tuesday
There's free fitness for kids at the South Bay Galleria, where kids can learn poses. and maybe Mom can get in a little deep breathing. And long after the kids go to bed, a full lunar eclipse gets going at 2am, completing its sky show just before dawn on Wednesday.

3. Sidewalk Astronomers – Wednesday
An Indian summer evening of stargazing begins on the bike path at the corner of Chandler and Lima in Burbank. This is a free opportunity to contemplate the universe with experts around to answer tough questions.

4. 15th Annual Public Safety Officer Appreciation Barbecue – Thursday

Join the businesses of DTLA at Bank of America Plaza. This event honors the men and women in uniform who serve our community by making it a safe place to be. There will be barbecue, rock ‘n roll, and prize giveaways.

5. Seaside Highland Games - Friday
They may not have voted for independence but the people of Scotland have plenty of national pride. Celebrate the Kulture of the Kilt. This event may merit earplugs as the bagpipes will surely be blaring.

And now that it's October, you'll want to keep our Halloween Guide handy, with links to holiday goings-on every day of the week during this spooky season!

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