Help Project Sunlight Fight a Hidden Problem for Children

Fight Hunger Feed Food Insecure Kids

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Confronted with the statistic that one out of every five children in the U.S. is food insecure, a friend expressed incredulity. "How can that be true? I don’t know a single person like that.” That's the tricky thing about hunger today. Not only has the demographic of who suffers from hunger changed, it's a problem happening right under our noses without us realizing it.

Sometimes situations that lead to food insecurity are complicated. And, let’s face it, people don't introduce themselves by saying, “By the way, I don’t have enough money to feed my children” unless they are panhandling on the street. I speak from experience because I was food insecure as a child, and most of the people around me had no idea, outside of one English teacher who frequently bought me a bagel for lunch if I hadn't eaten that day.

That’s why I’m proud to sponsor Unilever Project Sunlight, a program that brings awareness to the issue of hunger in America and encourages supporters to Share A Meal to fight childhood hunger. I hope you’ll consider joining me in our virtual food drive. Our goal is to raise $1500 through Feeding America, and if we reach it, Mommy Poppins will double the amount by adding an additional $1500 donation.

To bring awareness to the issue of hunger, Unilever Project Sunlight created this documentary short about the face of hunger today.

Please share this video and our virtual food drive with your friends on social media. If you’d like to get more involved in the fight against hunger, check out Unilever Project Sunlight at for ways to Share A Meal in your community.

In this day and age, it just seems wrong that there are children in America going to bed hungry. Let’s work together to see what we can do to end childhood hunger in our communities. We know from experience that our readers are generous. We've come together to make a difference in the past, so I know we can meet this goal. If every single person who reads this post gives $1, we will exceed our $1500 target! Every $10 you give feeds a family for a week. So please donate to our virtual food drive today!

This post is sponsored by Unilever Project Sunlight. If we meet our fundraising goal, Mommy Poppins will donate the entire fee to Feeding America.