Bronx Water Playgrounds and Sprinklers to Cool Off the Kids

Bronx Spray Showers and Free Water Features for NYC Kids

Although the kids might beg, not every summer day can be a pool day. Still, water play is essential to summer survival in NYC. Enter playgrounds loaded with water jets and refreshing splash pads for instant relief. Kids (and their grown-ups) can frolic in sprinklers and spray showers, many with nifty features like footbridges, geysers, and themed settings. We've told you about some of our favorite playgrounds with water features citywide, but we know the Bronx needs a shout-out all its own. Read on for details on seven of our favorite splash pads in NYC's northernmost borough.

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Douse yourself at the Sachkerah Woods Playground sprinklers where a golf theme adds a sporty vibe.

Sachkerah Woods Playground – Norwood
Jerome Avenue and Gun Hill Road
Located in Van Cortlandt Park, this golf-themed playground adjacent to the Mosholu Golf Course features a spray shower that continues the golf theme with a fountain that mimics a 19th hole flag, shooting water straight up before raining down on its patrons. A second geyser also sprays upward, creating a steady stream of relief from summer temperatures.

Tremont Park – Tremont
175th Street and Arthur Avenue
We raved about the $4.5 million upgrade to Tremont Park a few years back. Renovations included two new playgrounds and one awesome water play area. Kids will love darting across the footbridge and pathways as water sprays at them from every angle. Though this is definitely the destination splash pad at Tremont Park, there is a second spray shower located in the playground at the corner of East Tremont and Arthur Avenue. It's much smaller, featuring a fire hydrant centerpiece, but it gets the job done on a hot day.

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Renovations at Williamsbridge Oval's playgrounds in recent years have families flocking to this park. Photo by Ed Crimmins via Flickr.

Williamsbridge Oval – Norwood
3225 Reservoir Oval East
This park holds such fond memories of my childhood and with over $14 million in upgrades over the past several years, Williamsbridge Oval is only getting better. Recent projects include a renovated recreation center, a revitalized synthetic turf playing field and track, restored pathways, and the reconstruction of two playgrounds—one aimed at the preschool set and the other geared toward older kids. The new playgrounds share a central spray plaza featuring lots of sprinklers jetting water over a level, smooth terrain dotted with decorative low-lying rocks for simple climbing. Good luck getting your little ones to leave!

Starlight Park – Bronx River
Between 172nd and 174th Streets, between the Sheridan Expressway and the Bronx River
After being closed for more than a decade, Starlight Park reopened in 2013 with two new playgrounds, manicured green space ball fields and basketball courts, picnic areas, and more. The two playgrounds are adjacent to each other and though they don't offer much shade, they do offer a large spray shower right between the playgrounds—it'll make you forget (for a little while, at least) the limited shade in the playground.

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Crotona Park Pool's impressive splash pad even offers a few shady spots.

Crotona Park Pool – Crotona
173rd Street and Fulton Avenue
The largest public pool in the borough received additional bragging rights in 2014. A $1.6 million renovation transformed Crotona Pool's former diving pool—which went unused for 30 years—into an impressive new splash pad featuring vibrant patterns and countless spray fixtures, including hoops to jump under and through, and even a few canopies for a bit of shade. This welcome addition definitely drives up the wet-and-wild fun factor.

At the whimsical Pelican Bay Playground along the Orchard Beach promenade water sprays from sea-themed sculptures.

Pelican Bay Playground – Pelham Bay
Orchard Beach Promenade, Section 6-7
This large nautical-themed playground is part of Pelham Bay Park's Orchard Beach. Kids can romp on boat-shaped play equipment and, of course, get doused by the sprinklers located in the center of the playground. Pelican sculptures form an aquatic circle as water sprays from their beaks. So if the sandy shore is too much to take, little ones can still cool off with a romp through the refreshing spray showers.

Playground for All Children – Pelham Bay
Bruckner Expressway and Buhre Avenue
Also located in Pelham Bay Park and part of the Aileen B. Ryan Recreational Complex, this playground features spray showers that offer quick relief from the summer heat. Though simple and not quite destination worthy on its own, when you factor in the expansive, accessible play structures, tennis courts, bike paths, renovated dog park, nature center, and wooded trails, you've got a full day of fun—with the spray showers to offer a nice reprieve from relentless temperatures.

Keep in mind this is just a highlight of our favorite Bronx splash pads. The Boogie Down features dozens of spray showers throughout its many parks and playgrounds. Happy splashing! 

Top image: The splash pad at Crotona Park includes geysers that shoot straight up, as well as gentle misters for the more timid kids. All photos courtesy of New York Parks Department.

Sachkerah Woods Playground
Jerome Avenue and Gun Hill Road
10467 Bronx , NY 40° 52' 57.9108" N, 73° 52' 52.716" W
New York
Tremont Park
175th Street and Arthur Avenue
10457 Bronx , NY 40° 50' 38.1192" N, 73° 53' 40.8372" W
New York
Williamsbridge Oval
3225 Reservoir Oval East
10467 Bronx , NY 40° 52' 35.8104" N, 73° 52' 42.9888" W
New York
Starlight Park
1490 Sheridan Expressway
10459 Bronx , NY 40° 49' 58.4616" N, 73° 52' 59.412" W
New York
Crotona Park Pool
1700 Fulton Avenue
10457 Bronx , NY 40° 50' 25.4472" N, 73° 53' 49.4088" W
New York
Pelican Bay Playground
Orchard Beach, Section 6-7
10464 Bronx , NY 40° 52' 5.088" N, 73° 47' 36.726" W
New York
Playground for All Children
Bruckner Blvd and Buhre Avenue Pelham Bay Park
10465 Bronx , NY 40° 50' 54.4236" N, 73° 49' 31.44" W
New York