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Car Seat Safety Checks for Philadelphia Parents

Installing a new infant car seat can be confusing. There are a lot of rules when it comes to car seat safety, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Is it in tight enough? Is it straight enough? Are the straps set correctly? Only about 5% of parents get it right on their own- and about half of the 95% who did it wrong have older kids and have done it before. Sometimes, just having a second pair of eyes looking at your baby's seat can alleviate all your concerns. Car seat safety checks are a great (and free) resource for parents. It never hurts to get checked out. That's why we've compiled a list of places in the area who offer free car seat safety inspections regularly, so you can have a little peace of mind. We recommend calling ahead of time as most are by appointment only.

March GoList: The Best Things To Do With Philly Kids

Spring is almost here! The weather is turning, and it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some quality family time. Get outside, take a walk, and enjoy nature and all the newly blooming flowers. Enjoy some ice cream on a sunny day. With spring comes all the great consignment sales that Philly area families love- perfect for stocking up for a new babe, or for outfitting those ever-growing toddlers. Easter doesn't come until April this year, but there's always St. Patty's Day to celebrate! 

Although, maybe we still have time to get that one big snow day in! Hurry up, and check all the winter fun off your list before it's too late. As always, check our event calendar for even more fun things happening this March!

Where to get Fasnachts, King Cakes, Paczki, and Donuts for Mardi Gras in Philadelphia

Whether you call it Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, one thing is clear- the best way to celebrate is with some delicious sweet treats! The King Cake is a Mardi Gras tradition where a plastic baby is baked right inside the cake! Whomever receives the lucky slice, gets to host the next party (or at least get next year's King Cake). The Pennsylvania Dutch celebrate Fasnacht Day by getting rid of all the fat in the house before Lent, which means yummy donuts (and the tradition states that if you don't eat one, you won't have a very good year). Paczkis are the Polish version of the pre-Lent donut. No matter what you call it, we've found all the best places around town to grab your special treat.

Leap into Something Fun with Frogs: a Chorus of Colors

Does your little one love frogs? You're in luck; The Academy of Natural Sciences is hopping with tons of these amphibious friends! There are over 4,000 species of frogs living on every continent except Antartica, and you can see a few of them on display at the museum right now! Frogs: A Chorus of Colors is presented in conjunction with Clyde Peel's Reptiland and is on display Feburary 4- May14, 2017. Read our review and leap on over to the museum to learn more about these awesome creatures.

Where to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Philly

If you love chocolate, Philly has no shortage of this sweet treat. Chocolate shops and even chocolate restaurants abound in the city of brotherly love. Just in time for celebrating Valentine's Day, we've got some great places to enjoy this delicious treat. Because what kid (or parent) doesn't love chocolate?

February GoList: The Best Things To Do With Philly Kids

February brings the coldest part of winter, but the good news is, spring is right around the corner! This month we'll find out whether we're getting a few extra weeks of the cold, or if spring will be arriving sooner than expected on Groundhog Day. Whatever the weather, we've got plenty of great events happening this month. Whether you're looking for a way to educate your kids about Black History Month, celebrating Valentine's Day, Maple Sugaring, or just enjoying some quality time with your family, February has a lot of great events that Philly kids will love.

Don't forget, there are tons more great events listed in our event calendar every day.