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70 Things To Do with Kids at the Jersey Shore

There's nothing better than lazy, relaxing summer days at the beaches of the Jersey Shore with its miles of sandy coastline. Of course, at some point the kids are going to want to get up and do and see something, right?

If you're looking for ways to keep the kids entertained during a vacation at the shore this summer, this list of 70 family-friendly activities for toddlers to teens all up and down the New Jersey coast should hit the spot. We've even included a number of FREE things to do.

For more fun down the shore, check out our Jersey Shore Guide, which includes information on amusement parks and water parks, top beaches, best boardwalks, and more.

Best Swimming Lakes near Philadelphia

There's no two ways about it: kids love swimming. Lake swimming is perfect for when the beach or the pool is too crowded, or when you just want to mix it up a bit. There are quite a few lakes nearby that offer great little beaches, picnic areas, and, of course, swimming. As an added bonus, most of these lakes are located in state parks, which offer lots of other great activities including camping and hiking. So get your bathing suits on, load up the car, grab the sunscreen, and head out to one of these great local swimming lakes.

July GoList: Best Things To Do with Philly Kids This Month

Get our your sparklers and celebrate summer! School is out, public pools have opened, and all the spraygrounds and splash pads are on. This month there is plenty to do to enjoy the summer weather. From free events to spectacular once in a lifetime opportunities, there are so many fun and unique events for Philly kids in July. We've gathered some of our favorites here, but head over to our event calendar for a full listing of nearby events.

Looking for some everyday fun for the littlest members of your family? Try a visit to Dutch Wonderland or Sesame Place, both of which also include water park areas.

Swim Philly Pop-Up Pool Project: Public Pools with a Fun Twist

The heat of summer is upon us. Kids haven't been out of school that long yet and already they're getting fidgety. One of the many great things that Philly has to offer its communities is the sheer number of free public pools- there are over 70 outdoor pools! Philadelphia has more outdoor public pools per capita than any other city in the country.

If you're looking for more free water fun this summer, be sure to check out our roundup of the city's free spraygrounds.

See How It's Made: Best Factory Tours Near Philadelphia

There's something so cool about seeing how things are made. Whether it's going behind the scenes at Crayola, watching yummy chocolate being poured into molds, or seeing coins minted, it's really intriguing to see everyday items take shape. There are plenty of great places in the area where you can do just that. Read on to see our favorite factory tours and find out how things are made!

Free Summer Mini Camps at Apple Arrive in NJ

If you've got an 8-12 year-old interested in STEM or movie-making, hurry up and run to the nearest computer; Apple just opened registration for its FREE summer mini camps in coding and more STEM subjects.

The mini sessions, which run over three consequetive days, are offered at a dozen Apple store locations throughout New Jersey and are 100% free, so slots are going fast.

For more summer camp ideas, check out our New Jersey Summer Camp Guide and Directory.

Registration for Apple Camp, Apple's FREE Three-Day Summer Camp, is Open Now!

If you've got an 8-12 year-old interested in STEM or movie-making, hurry up and run to the nearest computer; Apple has just opened registration for its free three-day camps. Located at different Apple store locations in the Delaware Valley, these camps won't last long and are 100% free, so we wanted you to be the first to know!

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Explore the Underground! Tour Caverns and Coal Mines in PA

Have you ever wondered what might be below us? If your kid loves adventure and learning about bats, stalagtites, stalagmites, and other rock formations, taking a cavern or mine tour is sure to be a ton of fun. The great part is that cave and mine tours are educational and exciting! We've rounded up all the best places to take a tour nearby. You'll have to drive quite a bit, but it will be worth it, and some are close enough to other attractions to make a weekend getaway out of it. If you've never been in a cave, we've got tons of great tips for taking the plunge