50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Screenings

Repeats every day until Sun Jul 21 2019.
Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 12:15pm to 5:00pm
Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 12:15pm to 5:00pm
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It was one small step for man, one giant leap in watching live tv.   Paley visitors can relive the magic of the moon landing with two days of special screenings pulled from the Paley Archives.

Screening Schedule:

12:15 and 4:15 pm
Epic Journey of Apollo 11: Moonwalk
Here is what the world was watching live the evening of July 20, 1969. History is made when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, one at a time, climb out of the lunar module and walk on the moon. (CBS; 1969; 52 min.)

1:15 pm
The Day They Landed; July 20, 1969
The documentary special was produced on the ten-year anniversary of the moon landing, creating a concise history of the US Space program. There are interviews from all three Apollo 11 astronauts and other figures from the era reflecting on the significance of the landing. (NBC; 1979; 60 min.)

2:15 pm
From the Earth to the Moon: Mare Tranquilitatis
Part 6 of a twelve part series, the episode presents the Apollo 11 mission through the lens of Buzz Aldrin, played by a pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston. (HBO; 1998; 56 min.)

3:15 pm
ABC News Special: Infinite Horizons: Space Beyond Apollo
For fans of science, both fact and fiction, this special provides a fascinating look into the future of space travel with topics ranging from lunar colonies to intergalactic travel.  (ABC; 1979; 60 min.)



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