Venice Oceanarium Grunion Party

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 11:00pm
Event Info
Contact Phone: 
Venice Oceanarium: 310.817.0875
Recommended Age: 
7 and up

Those crazy grunion are at it again!

Grunion (sardine-like fish) have a most unique mating process: they actually come up on land to spawn. The females wriggle onto the sand to lay their eggs; then the males follow to fertilize them. The sand ends up covered with hundreds of fish. Grunion are found only in the Southern California area so we can claim them as our own.

The "party" begins at 11pm and continues until about 1:00am; usually the second hour makes for better viewing. It's a late night for kids, but a uniquely SoCal experience - which is why a grunion run makes our list of 100 Things To Do with LA Kids before They Grow Up!

Breakwater Rocks
at the end of Windward Ave.
90291 Venice , CA 33° 59' 14.6004" N, 118° 28' 19.1064" W