Santa is Coming! To Storybook Land in New Jersey

As a new Mom, I find myself living in moments of anticipation. I can't really find words to express what it was like the day my baby girl started crawling.  And now I’m awaiting her reaction to Christmas and the big event is still weeks away!   I can't think of a better place for my 1-year old daughter to first see Santa and be engulfed into "the most wonderful time of the year" than at what I consider to be South Jersey’s little gem, Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township.

Holiday Shows for Kids in New Jersey: “The Toymaker’s Apprentice”.

Yes, we’ve been wearing t-shirts, but it’s officially the holidays, nonetheless. Make special memories with your kids by taking them to a holiday show in NJ! Nutcrackers and Christmas Carols abound, but there are other options as well, and we will do our best to find the fun ones out there, starting with “The Toymaker’s Apprentice” at Hudson Theater Ensemble’s Children’s Series “Silly on Sixth”.

Five Kid-Friendly NJ Nutcracker Performances

There is just something about Tchaikovsky's Sugar Plum Dance that makes you want to bake Christmas cookies, break out the holiday lights, and sip hot cocoa on the living room couch.  Seeing a performance of the Nutcracker is a holiday tradition that we honor every year.  We have found six spectacular kid-friendly performances of the Nutcracker for your family, ranging from grand and impressive to tot-friendly...

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NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays

This is the second year that I've teamed up with an eclectic group of NYC bloggers to put together a Holiday Guide, each posting a Holiday-themed post on our own blogs and then linking them all to each other. Each blog is a NYC-Centric blog with its own unique lens through which it views the city. The resulting Holiday Guide offers a wide range of gift ideas and things to do and I think you'll agree that this has to be one of the most eclectic Holiday Guides out there.

I hope this introduces you to some new blogs in the 'hood and some off the beaten track NYC holiday ideas. Check out our Holiday Guide for more great Holiday activities and gift ideas.

8 Holiday Shows That Suit Every Taste: The Nutcracker, Frosty, Sound of Music and More!

So you’re already sick of crowded stores and shopping-resistant children? Forget the mall!  Bring your kids to a wonderful performance this holiday season.  There really is something to satisfy every taste.  If you have young children, perhaps take in A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail or Frosty.  Older kids in your house? A Christmas Carol or the Sound of Music might be just the right fit.  When in doubt, there’s always The Nutcracker – a surefire hit.  Whatever you decide, here are eight great offerings to make your season merry and bright. 



6 Places in NYC Where Kids Can Make You Holiday Gifts (That You Really Want!)

This is the time of year when you want to embrace your inner craft goddess and sit down with your junior craft gods and goddesses to crank out some amazing homemade gifts for family, friends, teachers and other special folks. This is also the time of year when you have less time to do this sort of stuff than you usually do and maybe, just maybe, you even wish to be the recipient of said gift.  So, what to do? Visit one of the many craft emporiums in NYC where they have everything (materials, know how, time, space, etc.) needed to make the perfect handmade gift this holiday season.  

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Holiday Cooking and Baking Classes in New Jersey

It’s that special time of year, when we consume about 70% more sugar and butter in one month than in the rest of the eleven months combined. Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit. But you can at least conceal your high-sweets-consumption in the guise of a family affair—there are a few nice kids/family baking classes in NJ for holiday yummies. Enjoy!

25 NYC Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Giving gifts to New Yorkers can be  tricky. With many people living in small spaces, no one wants  more stuff -- especially families with young children. If you have a holiday party coming up and are wondering what to buy the hosts and their kids, give them something they'll really appreciate: good food. Buying local is all the rage these days, and New York City is full of top-notch artisanal treats. Adults will thank you for not showing up with yet another toy, and little ones will love digging into homemade doughnuts, hand-twisted pretzels, or a few bars of dark chocolate. Many of the foods below can be shipped around the country, so you can bring a bit of the Big Apple to Grandma in Wisconsin, too.


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