Watch Red Tailed Hawks Build Their Nest

photo by Lincoln Karim

The NYC birding world is all aflutter over recent hawk activities in New York City. Last week people were watching a pair of Red Tailed Hawks building a nest. And this morning there were bald eagles over Riverside Park. It is rare to be able to see these hawks building their nests and children will especially enjoy the idea of seeing the birds building their homes.

If you don't know about the Red Tailed Hawks in NYC, I think this is a wonderful story to share with children. With the unlikely hero of the red-tailed hawk who chose a luxury 5th Avenue co-op as his nesting ground, taking man vs. nature to a new level. It was wonderful to watch as New Yorkers rallied around these tremendous birds.

And now after all the hubbub has died down, we have a growing population of hawks thriving throughout the city. Take your children to one of the many hawk nesting sites around New York City to watch these amazing creatures in real life.

Where to see the hawks in New York City:
960 Fifth Avenue (78th Street)
Riverside Park near 81st Street (nest building is underway here)
(I will add more locations when I get them)

Find out more about Pale Male and the other hawks of NYC, see incredible photos of the hawks and follow their stories online.

Pale Male also inspired two children's picture books which bring the whole fascinating adventure down to a child's level that New York kids will love to read especially if they've seen the birds themselves.

The Tale of Pale Male: A True Story

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