Kaboost Portable Chair Booster Gives Booster Seats the Boot

8/23/07 - By Anna Fader

There are certain products that come out that almost make me wish I had a baby again so that I could use them (A couple of minutes of thinking about a sweet baby quickly turn to the reality and I become sane again). The Kaboost portable chair booster is one of them. This cool, new, ingeniously-designed booster seat alternative would not only have made my life a lot easier with my booster seat refusing son, but is just a neat looking piece of furniture.


Kaboost is a portable chair booster. Instead of raising up your child to the height of the table, it raises the whole chair, making the chair more stable in the process. It has two heights, fits most chairs, comes in three colors, and folds up to take to restaurants or granny's. Even if you don't have a booster seat refuser, Kaboost seems like a much cooler alternative. It won't wobble and slide on the chair the way some booster seats do and you won't be finding dried grapes and globs of baby food behind it. And as space-challenged New Yorkers, I think we all appreciate things that are multi-functional and keep our apartments looking relatively grown-up.