Union Square Play

Union Square Play is a children’s play space in New York City. Its mission is to make the early years of parenting a little bit easier, a lot more fun, and very communal. Through its thoughtful children’s programming and parenting groups, Union Square Play has formed a community that currently fills three locations in Manhattan.

Union Square Play was born in 2018 when three like-minded parents all felt the need for a supportive community and play space that put parents and their children first.

At Union Square Play, it is known that there is a gap in terms of what thoughtful parenting is and how to actually achieve it. Through classes, activities, parenting groups, and events, the company has quickly learned the value of community and how critical it is during those early years of parenting. 

Style of Play

Union Square Play takes the “play” part to heart. In classes for kids under 5 (including babies) open-ended, imaginative play teaches kids to see all the possibilities of the world around them. Kids are given the opportunity to be who they are. Classes are based on free exploration, and the open play space is made up of open-ended and inviting materials. These immersive classes and experiences transport kids into a new world where they socialize, grow, and work on conflict resolution that’ll come in handy for, well, ever.

Classes include:

Let’s Make a Mess (6 months-5 years)

This is the place where your child can finally make the gigantic mess they’ve dreamed about in an environment that’s set up just for them (and staff will take care of the clean-up). Messy play sparks creativity and allows children to explore using their senses. Playing together in a group will encourage cooperation and connection. Participants play with water, dough, and kinetic sand, to name a few, so please dress for a mess.

Mo' Flow - Special Series (6 months-5 years)

This immersive class experience designed by Jennie Monness, co-founder of Union Square Play, transports children into a world of play (think a farm stand, under the sea, or a city made of cardboard). The 45-minute-long class is geared toward opening kids’ senses through intentionally curated experiences that change on a rolling basis. It also focuses on supporting caregivers by giving them confidence and knowledge.