Camp Corlears

At Camp Corlears, classic summer fun is the focus, with plenty of outdoor play, arts and crafts, and fun with friends at the heart of it all.

Camp Corlears counselors are experienced early childhood educators who either teach at Corlears or peer schools. Thanks to the counselors' expertise in nursery, preschool, and elementary classrooms, they not only know how to keep children engaged, but are exceptional at facilitating growth through play and creating nurturing environments for discovery and friendship!

Programs available for children ages 3–11. Each camp session is one week long. Families can register for one session or multiple sessions. Multiple sessions do not need to be consecutive, and all sessions are pro-rated for the days off.

Corlears School is a nonprofit, independent, progressive elementary school located in Chelsea, New York. The school provides children from toddlers through fifth grade with the foundation they need to gain confidence and fall in love with learning. 

Corlears is one of the few schools in New York City that focuses exclusively on the early years of education. With five decades of experience, Corlears has come to understand that these early years are the most crucial formative years for every child. The school specializes in guiding this age group with the belief the start of your child’s academic life should be nothing short of exceptional.

The interdisciplinary curriculum is tailored to each child's particular strengths and needs, because every child is an original. The school strives to create a safe and supportive — yet challenging — environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and express their ideas.

Corlears is driven by six core values: compassion, growth, courage to act, responsibility, belonging, and curiosity. These values are cultivated in every experience for students, families, and staff; the school is driven to make the world a better place, starting in its own backyard.

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