KERPLUNK! A Musical Improv for Kids

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Free for kids; $15 for adults
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KERPLUNK! is a create-your-own-adventure show where kids in the audience call all the shots, from the name of the show, to the decisions the characters make.

Space pirates, talking dogs, trees that hug *you*... each performance is based on the audience's imagination so no two adventures are ever the same.

Little ones who are on the shy side can clap their hands along to the music from the safety of their seats. Budding stars can come up on stage, don a costume piece, and join in the action.

Important notes: the show is interactive and it's meant for kids, so audience members are expected to: yell out, talk, eat snacks from home which are TOTALLY welcome in the theatre, get up and walk around, and leave if they need to.

The Rockwell
255 Elm Street Downstairs
02144 Somerville , MA
Phone: (617) 684-5335
42° 23' 44.3292" N, 71° 7' 17.9904" W