EXPLO Summer Programs

For almost 50 years, EXPLO has been thoughtfully designing summer academic enrichment programs for rising grades 4-12 that provide endless opportunities for exploration. EXPLO has been part of 88,000 students’ journeys as they find their strengths, discover new interests, make lifelong friendships with peers from around the globe, and have plenty of fun every step of the way.

EXPLO isn’t like summer camp — but it isn’t like school, either. EXPLO intentionally balances a healthy dose of independence with regularly scheduled check-ins, staff supervision, and community gatherings throughout the day. The daily schedule is designed to let students try novel things, develop their strengths, and glean new skills — together. The best part? Students get to choose how to spend their day — from what courses and electives they take, which clubs and leagues they join, which trips they attend on the weekends, all the way to how they spend their flex time. 

Each day at EXPLO is designed to encourage learners to dive right into new and different subjects and activities to develop their strengths and build new skills — surprising themselves with all that they’re capable of.

Program options:

EXPLO Junior (grades 4-7) at Regis College in MA: Students choose from more than 50 course, elective, activity, and trip options designed to encourage learners to dive into new and different subjects to develop their strengths and build skills. 3-week residential and day options available.

EXPLO Senior (grades 8+9) at Sarah Lawrence College in NY: A multi-course program that gives students a sampling of a variety of subjects. Clubs, leagues, and activities on campus create opportunities to make new friends who share students' enthusiasm for a cause, mission, or passion. 3-week residential and day options available.

EXPLO Pre-College (grades 10-12) at Wellesley College in MA: An immersive, experiential learning environment provides a unique opportunity to broadly explore the world of people and ideas to answer questions like “Which path do I want to take?”, “Is this field right for me?”, and "What's important to me when it comes time to choose a college?". 3-week residential options available.

EXPLO: Learning Through Exploration.

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