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Spring Festivals for Families on Long Island, 2017

Spring on Long Island means more pleasant weather, of course. But there are also an array of festivals in the region to celebrate this most colorful season.

So head outdoors to enjoy crafts, activities, science, and more family fun. With Easter being celebrated on April 16, also check out one of the many Easter Bunny breakfasts and brunches in the area. Later in the season, enjoy a trio of strawberry festivals and, as always, check out our Long Island Events Calendar for more kid-friendly fun.

8 DIY Party Spots for Long Island Families

If you have a crafty kid, you already know his or her No. 1 birthday party wish probably involves pots, pans, paint, and pottery. DIY birthday parties are on the rise and proving to be a treat for children of all ages, who get an opportunity to learn a craft and take a project home with them. These eight party spots on Long Island either offer venues where kids can create and build or boast experts who come to your home to entertain guests with a special project. 

Don't forget to check our directory and Long Island Birthday Party Guide for more ideas. 

10 Full-Day Preschools on Long Island

If you have a little one about to enter preschool, you know how stressful it can be trying to find one that suits his or her needs and yours. Some preschools only offer half-day programs and the hours might conflict with your work schedule. Perhaps you prefer a full-day preschool to give your child a better opportunity to learn the skills he or she needs for kindergarten and beyond.

Whatever your reason, these 10 Long Island preschools give you the option of sending your child full time and/or taking advantage of an extended-hours programs. Check out our Guide to Long Island Summer Camps for Preschoolers and our full Preschool Guide and Directory of Schools for more ideas on keeping your preschooler active and engaged.

Weekday Events: Dr. Seuss Fun, Nature Walks, Wind Socks

We're just a few weeks from being able to escape the outdoors with our families. But for now, as kids return back to school, this week is the perfect time to take advantage of the many fun indoor options on Long Island. From open-play sessions and nature walks to events that celebrate Dr. Seuss week. you won't run out of amazing things to do. 

Check out our Events Guide and February and March GoLists for even more great ideas.

Weekday Picks for LI Kids: Valentine's Day Crafts, Global Exploring and More

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and kids on Long Island have a number of opportunities this week to create arts and crafts and get into the spirit of spreading love.

Whether you set off for an outing with books and hot cocoa or get your yoga on together, with plenty to do this week there is no excuse to be house-bound. There are open-play sessions each day and countless opportunities to engage in imaginative fun.

As always, check out our February GoList and Winter Fun Guide for great ideas on how to beat the winter blues. 

Liddle Bites Play Cafe: A Welcome Addition to Long Beach

Sometimes a change of destination and access to new toys—ones you don't have to actually buy—is all small children and their parents need to survive the harshest months of winter.

Liddle Bites Play Cafe in Long Beach is one of the newest and sweetest indoor play spaces to open in Nassau County. With plenty of toys, costumes, and structures set up to encourage play, seating, and even snacks, it's an intimate and complete play space that helps kids stay engaged and unleash imaginations — no matter what the weather is like outside.

Weekday Fun for LI Kids: Minecraft, Red Riding Hood, Cooking

After a long holiday break, school is finally back in full swing. But that doesn't mean the weekday fun has to stop. Take in a show, brush up on craft skills, and stay fit and peaceful with yoga. Feeling adventurous? Visit one of Long Island's beautiful nature preserves and engage in hands-on science activities that take full advantage of the winter season. Or stay warm but active at one of these indoor play spaces, bounce houses, and action centers. 

Don't forget to check out our January GoList and Event Calendar for more ideas on how to keep your entire family entertained, whether the weather outside is frightful—or delightful. There's also plenty of seasonal fun in our Long Island Winter Fun Guide, from skiing to hot chocolate spots to FREE events all winter!

New Year's Day 2017 Activities for Long Island Kids

New Year's Day is generally a quiet one on Long Island, but that doesn't mean you need to stay home. Chances are you've spent the winter holiday break taking in shows, ice skating, and even crafting at home. Well, if the kids are starting to hang from the rafters, you may want to head back out for some final holiday fun before school starts back up on Tuesday, January 3.

We rounded up more than a dozen of the top kid-friendly Long Island destinations that are open on New Year's Day like the aquarium, Bayville Winter Wonderland, museums, and even trampoline and indoor fun zones to help the whole family bid a sweet farewell to the holiday break.

Be sure to check out our events calendar for more fun ideas and our best family event picks for the New Year's Weekend and New Year's Eve celebrations.