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Dear Mommy Poppins: When I come home from work I want to play with my three year old son, but I just don't know what to do with him. I feel terrible about it, but, while I'm a project manager at work, I can't manage the simple act of finding something to do with my kid. Signed, Feeling Played Dear Played, It can really be a blow to your self-image as an ГѓВјber-parent to be sitting there staring at your child and wondering what in the world you could actually stand to do together. Especially when they're little, the days can seem very long and playing Power Rangers can get old fast.
This past December I made a simple discovery. If I buy them the toys I like to play with and show them how I like to play it, playing with the kids just becomes...playing. This holiday season I did a lot of shopping for the kid (in me). Now, not only is it easier to initiate games with my kids, but sometimes the fun continues after they're in bed. Mommy Poppins Do you have a question for Mommy Poppins? Email your question.

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