Children's Day Festival: Kodomo no Hi

Children's Day: Kodomo no Hi at the Japan Society!
Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
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Non-members $18/Members $10; children ages 2 and under free
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3-10, with accompanying adults.

Hang the koinobori (carp streamers) and don your kabuto (samurai helmet): Japan's Children's Day is on its way! Celebrate Japan’s national holiday with a performance of Peach Boy (Momotaro) featuring storytelling, music, dance, taiko drumming and lots of audience participation.

Continue the adventure with other authentic Kodomo no Hi activities!
Advance ticket purchase is recommended.


Momotaro and You
Three performances: 12pm, 1:30pm & 3pm
Momotaro the Peach Boy leaves his parents to fight a band of marauding ogres on a distant island. Along the way, he befriends a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant, who agree to help him. This interactive storytelling session puts kids at the center of Momotaro’s quest with whimsical songs, lively taiko drumming, cool dance, props for kids, and lots of audience activity!

Samurai Sword Fighting Demonstrations and Mini Workshops
1pm, 2pm & 3pm
Enjoy samurai sword demonstrations and Samurai Kids Action mini-classes led by Kyo Kasumi of Tate Hato-ryu NY! Kasumi is the founder of Geido Tate Hato-ryu Takase dojo NY, and has been involved as an action stunt and Japanese Sword Fighting coordinator for many productions, including action films and theater performances.

Koinobori Workshop
Create a courageous koinobori (carp windsock) to add to a giant collaborative art installation! Koinobori are commonly flown above the roofs of kids’ houses on Children’s Day. They symbolize the desire for kids to become brave and strong individuals.

Kabuto Workshop
Make your own wearable samurai kabuto helmet! With endless varieties, samurai helmets often feature family crests and natural elements such as ocean waves, rabbit ears, antlers and dragonflies. Design a family crest and symbols of bravery to adorn your own special kabuto!

Helmets & Armor from Villagewell Japan
Take pictures with life-size samurai kabuto helmets and yoroi armor from Villagewell Japan! View incredible replicas of armor belonging to famous samurai, such as Yukimura Sanada.

Kibi-dango Craft Activity
Create your own paper Kibi-dango prop to use during the interactive performance of Momotaro and You. Kibi-dango is a traditional, sweet Japanese millet dumpling. It’s famous for being the snack that Momotaro shares with his animal friends!

Festival Food
Healthy Japanese bento box meals, snacks and festival-related refreshments are available for purchase. Enjoy treats like kashiwa-mochi, rice cakes stuffed with bean paste and wrapped in oak leaves that symbolize strength!

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