Bubbledad (performer/educator Chris Catanese) has brought smiles to tens of thousands of kids and adults from Montauk to the Rocky Mountains. Bubbledad's bubble wizardry creates a magical bubblescape. His show features square bubbles, smoke bubbles, a bubble snowman, a bubble volcano, bubbles inside of bubbles, bubbles that float straight up to the ceiling, and even a rubber chicken that burps up a bubble. Then the bubbles go from big to giant to ginormous, and several lucky audience members get to go inside a bubble. As a former educator, Bubbledad always infuses shows with a little fun science, and he also encourages kids to adopt a D.I.Y. attitude and experiment with bubbles on their own.

Chris holds a master's degree in education from Bank Street College. In 2018, Chris was part of a group at the BubbleDaze World Bubble Conference in Caernarfon, Wales that was awarded a Guinness World Record for largest number of people making giant bubbles simultaneously.

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