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Blushington Online Summer Beauty Bootcamp

Blushington Online Beauty Bootcamp invites teens and tweens (ages 11-19) for an interactive program of makeup learning, activities, camaraderie, and fun. Taught via Zoom by a senior Blushington makeup artist, participants will get hands-on experience and come away with a sense of accomplishment and the skills to execute age-appropriate makeup.

Sessions range from a 4-hour deep dive into makeup to 1-hour classes on topics such as advanced eye makeup, face shaping, and skincare. Or, teens and tweens can host their own virtual Camp Bunk Reunion.

Participants can use their own makeup bag, or stock up on Blushington’s curated edit of female-founded makeup brands. They will enjoy a discount on all products on www.blushington.com so they can be prepared with all the right tools and makeup to make the most of the classes.

Blushington Online Summer Beauty Bootcamp
New York, NY
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