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BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange - Classes

BAX Virtual Studio classes are now available. Drawing on nearly 30 years of BAX youth education, Virtual Studio classes foster creativity, encourage exploration, and provide a positive and nurturing environment in the comfort of your own home. Taught by beloved BAX in-house faculty, Virtual Studio classes consist of pre-recorded class videos in BAX's signature disciplines of Modern Dance, Tumbling, Drama/Theater, Hip Hop, and Creative Movement.

Classes are organized by two age groups: kindergarten-1st grade (ages 5-7) and 2nd-5th grades and up (ages 7-10 and up). Creative Movement classes are geared towards ages 3-5/preschool. These are suggested age ranges, and families are welcome to try any class and augment lessons as needed.

Visit BAX's website to take a trial class today!

BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange
421 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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