Elements, the Nature Preschool

Elements, the Nature Preschool has enhanced its backyard garden and adventure playground into open-air outdoor classrooms. These all-weather classrooms promote authentic, child-centered emergent curriculum and play, which is inspired by the ever changing, nature-rich environment. Adorned with a complete mud kitchen, treehouse, sensory space, and full-body play invitations, Elements is dedicated to the mission of community care-taking and building, with a fierce commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion for all. Elements utilizes the power of open-ended loose parts, process-oriented art, joyful movement, boisterous singing, and mindful reflection to unite the early workings of social and emotional development with what it means to be an ethically responsible citizen. The school is grounded in the principles of honesty, community, exploration, risk-taking, problem-solving, story telling, comfort, and love.

Please visit the website for a schedule and more information.

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