The Children's Storefront

The Children’s Storefront (the Storefront), a Harlem-based nonprofit, engages parents and caregivers around child brain development in the first thousand days of life through interactive play. Above and beyond engaging them, the Storefront provides these parents and caregivers with the know-how and confidence with which to spur the growth of their children’s brains. 

In 2019, The Children’s Storefront piloted a state-of-the-art Play & Learn Center, welcoming local families with very young children for guided interactive sessions emphasizing child discovery activities and healthy interactions between adults and their children. In 2020, the Storefront launched an online Virtual Play & Learn  program to engage families safely during the Covid pandemic.

Over time the Storefront plans to offer a host of services to bolster parent/caregiver learning, including child development workshops, a multi-faceted resource center, and one-on-one learning opportunities drawing on the expertise of New York’s health care centers, colleges and child serving institutions. 

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