Soccer Shots

GOALLLL! Soccer Shots is an engaging, weekly children's soccer program for ages 2-8 with a focus on character development. It offers an age-appropriate curriculum, best-in-class coaching, and expert communication. Whether you are new to the game or ready to go pro, Soccer Shots is the place for you.

The Soccer Shots Experience centers around the philosophy of holistic athletic education. Soccer Shots believes in marrying soccer with character values through a character word of the day, a soccer skill, and a weekly theme. Each fun-filled week of Soccer Shots features multidisciplinary games specifically designed for your child's age group by early childhood specialists. Participants sing songs, learn dances, and score many goals. Children in a Soccer Shots program grow physically and emotionally, all while having the best 30-45 minutes of their week. This is what is referred to as the Soccer Shots Experience.

Don’t settle for your average soccer program. Expand your child’s horizons with Soccer Shots and our holistic training philosophy. Join us in public parks across Manhattan and Brooklyn or bring us to your school. Master your skills with Soccer Shots on the pitch, all while playing fun games, instilling character values, and of course, scoring goals.


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