Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Founded in 1992, Brooklyn Youth Chorus is regarded as one of the top youth choruses in the United States, noted both for its artistic rigor and its high-quality musical training.

Brooklyn Youth Chorus offers world-class voice training for young people ages 5-18 with an emphasis on healthy vocal development, music literacy, and group performance. The Chorus also features multiple performing ensembles, known for delivering professional-level performances in a wide variety of settings, from concert halls to professional recording studios.

Running from September to June each year, the Chorus offers vocal instruction and private lessons for students across seven divisions, separated by age and experience level. Each student’s musical ability, experience and maturity are assessed before finding them a home among the divisions:

  • Pre-Preparatory - Ages 5-6 (No audition required)

  • Preparatory I - ages 7 to 8

  • Preparatory II - ages 7 to 8

  • Pre-Teen I - ages 9 to 11   

  • Pre-Teen II - ages 9 to 11   

  • Teen - ages 12 to 18 

  • Advanced Performing Ensembles - ages 12 to 18

All students get the chance to perform. All levels perform at the self-produced semester-end concerts. The advanced performing ensembles also have the opportunity to perform at professional concerts and contracted engagements. At each level, the students progress, from the most rudimentary musical skills and vocal technique introduced in introductory levels, to the more sophisticated required for professional-level performances of complex and challenging choral music. 

Joining Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Brooklyn Youth Chorus offers in-person classes for all levels during the 2022/23 season. Classes are held 1-2 times weekly from 1-2 hours, depending on the age group and level. No prior experience is required to sing with Brooklyn Youth Chorus. However, an audition is required in order to be placed within the Chorus. Auditions are held on a rolling basis and are posted on the Brooklyn Youth Chorus website.

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