The Q StudioLab - Open Studio Summer Camp

The Q StudioLab is a cooperative school in Sunnyside, Queens. The Q is dedicated to creating a compassionate community for learning. Children use their minds, hearts and bodies daily to grow their passion and knowledge. The Q offers programs for kids ages 3-14. All programs at the school encourage the circulation of ideas, questions and creative expression for children and families.  

Open Studio Summer Camp: Experience the magic and joy of summer at the Q StudioLab. The camp serves students that are rising Kindergarteners to rising 6th Graders. Camp at the Q offers an open studio model, giving students the freedom to create their own schedules daily. Campers choose between the following studios:

  • Painting
  • Ceramics & 3D Art
  • Makers Space & Science
  • Theater 
  • Park & Water Play
  • Music & Games
  • Cozy Storytelling 

In addition, campers receive a daily Gymnastics Studio with summer partner NYC Gymnastics Movement. 

Elementary & Upper School Program: The Q StudioLab operates as a homeschool collaboration program serving children Kindergarten through 8th Grade for the 2023-2024 school year. The Q recognizes that children are innately curious and eager learners. All students are engaged in the learning process through project based methods in small classes of 10-14 students. The Q offers hands-on laboratory experiences in storytelling and literacy skills, community and social studies, math and science, and bilingual programming in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Core academic skills are embedded in all activities. Students have the opportunity for real life applications as teachers expand the classroom into the surrounding community for field trips and community service days.

Open Studio After School Program: The after school program runs from September to June and provides students with a nurturing environment where they receive help with and encouragement towards having new experiences. Students have a chance to be part of a small community that cares and supports their interests and ideas. Through hands-on studio experiences, students gain new skills and ways to express their ideas. Students receive homework help, participate in cooking classes, make jewelry, play games, paint, sculpt, build, and so much more. The Q offers a pick up service from nearby schools and serves the Elementary & Upper School students at the school.


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