The Co-op School

The Co-op School is a vibrant and nurturing institution, catering to students from preschool through 8th grade. It offers a rigorous academic program while prioritizing a student-centric approach to education. Students engage in a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses traditional academic subjects, studio art, movement, and music, all of which are based on an inquiry-driven approach
that places student interests and agency at the forefront. In preschool and lower school divisions, which serve students from two years old to 5th grade, The Co-op School is known for its thoughtful and thought-provoking programming. The school celebrates the holistic development of each child and encourage their curiosity at every opportunity. Middle school, serving grades 6 through 8, is a dynamic
and exploratory community. The school provides a supportive environment that fosters increased independence and encourages nuanced critical thinking,values the school holds in high regard. Central to The Co-op School educational philosophy are their core values: compassion, uniqueness, innovation, community action, antiracism, and joy, which underpin everything they do at The Co-op School.

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