Sofive Soccer Centers - Birthday Parties, Soccer Camps, and Classes

Welcome to Sofive – Your family’s playground for soccer fun and learning.

Sofive is passionate about providing a vibrant soccer environment for kids of all ages and abilities. Whether your child is just starting to explore soccer or is ready to hone their skills, Sofive offers a range of exciting activities to ignite their love for the game in a fun, supportive setting.

Birthday Parties at Sofive
Make your child’s next birthday unforgettable with a soccer-themed party at Sofive! Parties are packed with fun drills, games, and a private party area, making it the perfect celebration for your little soccer star and their friends. Let Sofive handle the details so you can enjoy the fun.

Soccer Camps - Summer Fun and Learning
Dive into the joy of soccer with Sofive Summer Camps! Kids will learn the essentials of soccer tactics in both attack and defense through engaging drills and team play. Designed for children aged 5-13, Sofive camps foster team spirit and individual skill in a lively, encouraging environment.

Youth Soccer Classes - Develop Skills and Passion
Join Youth Soccer Classes where young athletes, from beginners to budding stars, can flourish:

  • Manchester City Soccer Academy: Get exclusive access to top-tier soccer training for a truly premier experience.
  • Young Player Development Classes (YDC): Ideal for ages 5-10, these weekly classes focus on basic skills and movement, perfect for those new to the sport.
  • Young Player Development Program (YDP): For ages 7-12, this program enhances passion and confidence through fun, bi-weekly sessions that combine learning and play.

Lil Kickers - Start Young, Start Right
Introduce your toddlers to soccer with Lil Kickers, a program tailored for children aged 18 months to 5 years. Based on renowned child development theories, Lil Kickers curriculum not only teaches soccer but also aids in overall growth, all in a fun-filled setting.

Your Local Soccer Hub
Find Sofive centers at our vibrant locations along the east Coast: Sofive Brooklyn, Sofive Meadowlands, Sofive Rockville, Sofive Columbia, and Sofive Elkins Park.

Join Sofive today and be part of a community where fun meets learning and passion meets play! Your child's soccer journey starts here.

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