School of Wonder

Discover School of Wonder's immersive theater adventures in NYC parks, where children become the heroes of fantastic journeys in naturemeeting magic beings, following maps, solving riddles and puzzles, and going on missions together.

Since 2017, School of Wonder has been creating immersive adventures to play in nature, in which kids and families become protagonists of imaginative stories full of fun missions that activate their imagination and connect them to the world that they explore. These immersive and fun experiences are designed for children between 5 and 10 years old.

School of Wonder's vision is that, by 2025, all children will play its adventures in any park in the world, thus discovering new ways to relate to nature, to others, and to their own wonder while learning the essential skills that will prepare them to become leaders in the regeneration of the planet. With the Wonder Adventures, kids can discover the magic of real life and have a chance to:

  • Have freedom to play and explore
  • Build self-confidence and purpose
  • Connect to their inner creativity
  • Connect to nature and the global community.

School of Wonder's educational adventures are designed to foster these important skills.

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