New York Society of Play

The New York Society of Play is committed to helping families make the most of playtime. 

At the New York Society of Play, every game has a lesson to offer. Through play, kids build social and problem-solving skills, as well as mathematical and textual literacy. New York Society of Play instructors are experts in the games they play and are committed to turning each game into a learning experience.

The staff strongly believes that play is for everyone. Offerings include game-based workshops for families, classmates, old friends, and new friends. New York Society of Play's thoughtful curriculum teaches students how to apply skills from playing games to the outside world, including:

  • Confidence and public speaking
  • Conflict resolution and decision-making
  • Emotional and social growth
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Strategy, negotiation, and planning.

Classes and workshops currently take place both in-person and virtually. In addition to student favorites, like Board Game Club and Dungeons & Dragons, new offerings include Pokémon Club and Teen Dungeons & Dragons groups!

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