New York Hall of Science

Want your kids to feel like you’re on a family adventure visiting the far corners of the globe, making scientific discoveries? Or like you’re traveling through time and space—without actually leaving New York City? Visit NYSCI, New York City's STEM Learning Lab, in Queens. NYSCI's hands-on exhibits inspire and delight kids—and parents—of all ages.

Current exhibitions include:

Powering the City, which shows how the energy in your body relates to the way the city is powered.
Human Plus, which invites you to play with technologies that push the limits of your bodies (wheelchair DJing anyone?).
Connected Worlds, an immersive, animated world in the iconic Great Hall building that teaches about sustainability through creative collaboration.
Design Lab, NYSCI's innovative hub that exemplifies the Design Make Play philosophy NYSCI pioneered.
Mathematica, a historic exhibition from the 1964-65 World's Fair that brings math to life.
Rocket Park Mini Golf, reveals that the same laws of motion and gravity that guide the path of a spaceship control the motion of golf balls here on Earth.

A Friendship 7 replica that you can sit inside to imagine what it is like to travel to space.
Daily Demonstrations that bring science to life led by NYSCI's explainers and assisted with audience participation.
3D films about scientific work around the globe from saving pandas to protecting the few gorgeous spaces on earth still mostly untouched by humans. 

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