Curious-on-Hudson STEAM Revolution Camp

2021 update: Curious-on-Hudson is running a seven-week, in-person summer camp at the College of Mt. St. Vincent in Riverdale, NY. The new expanded space at the college offers more outdoor activity than ever.

Join Curious-on-Hudson for one of the top STEAM camps in the region: STEAM Revolution at the College of Mt. St. Vincent in Riverdale, NY. Located on a beautiful, green, and fully-equipped campus, STEAM Revolution holds weekly sessions in design, engineering, creative arts, MAKER & DIY woodworking, and more for students in grades 2-8. This ideal location, just minutes from Westchester and Manhattan, offers a rich array of activities.

With a beautiful campus as a backdrop, STEAM Revolution campers will do more outside, create more, learn more, and build more. Use this summer as a chance to develop the curious person you were born to be!  

Please visit the website, email, or call 914-246-0333.

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