China Institute

Join China Institute’s Immersive Mandarin Summer Program for ages 2-14, where participants go on a 6-week “tour” to 11 famous cities in China. “Visit” the dazzling metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai, explore ancient capitals like Xi’an and Nanjing and the mysterious Buddhist Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, and discover beautiful landscapes and delicious food in Chengdu and Hangzhou.

China Institute's accredited educators have created a fun and interactive in-person learning experience to engage participants with arts and science projects, storytelling, music, culinary activities, and more. Beginner and advanced students of Chinese language will gain confidence and make progress in their conversational Chinese and literacy skills.

Children will also participate in cultural activities such as calligraphy, sports, and theater. Weekly field trips give children the opportunity to travel to further NYC institutions.

Half- and full-day program options are available.

Neighborhood Guides
Activity Guides