Camp Tuku

Camp Tuku's mission is to offer a holistic approach to the sleepaway camp experience, fostering mindfulness in children aged 6~17.  Its program is crafted to harmonize the mind, body, and heart, equipping youngsters with invaluable skills early on, and nurturing their inner resilience. 

In close collaboration with Emory University’s Center for Contemplative Science, Camp Tuku seamlessly incorporates its mindfulness summer camp initiative with The Center’s SEE (Social, Emotional, and Ethical) Learning framework.  Its summer program empowers children, counselors, and staff alike to unlock their innate capacities for self-awareness, emotional regulation, compassion, creativity, and strategies for effective interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and stress management.

Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, just 2 hours outside New York City,  Camp Tuku's host Campus (Camp Reimagined)  rests on 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness with a collection of beautiful lakes, streams, waterfalls, ridges, vistas, and miles of hiking trails.  Set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring vistas, woodland trails, and starlit skies, campers learn how to apply mindfulness and SEE Learning skills while engaged in exciting camp activities and outdoor adventures. Its diverse camp electives include archery, arts, aquatics, cooking, drama, hiking, challenge courses, STEM, outdoor survival skills, woodworking, yoga, and more.

Camp Tuku

  • Inspires campers to forge strong connections and foster a sense of belonging within our community.  

  • Embraces challenges and foster independence, nurturing resilience and confidence.      

  • Facilitates self-discovery & personal growth.


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