Art Studio NY

Art Studio NY is a top-rated art studio for classes, camps, and creative self-expression for all ages, operating since 2004. Loved by parents, schools, libraries, and kids alike, these engaging, nurturing, and fun art classes are known for their warm and encouraging approach that nurtures creativity, imagination, and self-esteem through art. Through high quality art projects taught by professional artists and art educators, each child is guided with tailor-made, one-on-one art instruction so they can thrive.

This is not your average art class. Children of all ages and levels are warmly welcomed, encouraged, and exposed to endless art techniques, art history fun-facts, and socio-emotional learning that unleashes their unique artistic imagination. With hundreds of art classes, art camps, and crafts lessons in drawing, painting, comics, manga, fashion art, digital art, mixed-media art, and more, kids learn endless artistic techniques coupled with the empowerment to express themselves freely through art. 

With a home location on the Upper West Side, this popular art studio brings the art to you in additional locations such as NYC museums, 100+ branches of NYPL, schools, parks, community centers, private homes, and globally with live online art programs. Classes are geared towards toddlers, kids, teens, and adults, too.

Your child will explore their creativity, make new friends, and create artwork that you'll be excited to hang at home! 

What Art Studio NY offers:

  • Top-rated art camp and art classes in New York City
  • Kids' summer art camps (every week of the summer and during school breaks)
  • Half- and full-day art camps
  • Kids' art classes all year long
  • Birthday pARTies
  • Private art lessons
  • In-home art lessons.

What you’ll love:

  • Small art classes with one-on-one, tailor-made instruction
  • Social, engaging, and encouraging art classes that make learning fun
  • 17+ years of expert experience in high quality art instruction
  • Art classes that increase and improve kids' self-esteem, brain functioning, focus, communicate skills, and mental health.
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