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Park Tutoring wants to encourage and bring out the scholars, leaders, and innovators in each child that walks through its doors. The program is focused not just on passing a test or getting an A, but bringing out the best in each individual student through a holistic educational approach. 

Park Tutoring is a premier tutoring service for families in Orange County and all over the country. Since most of its tutoring services can be offered online, Park Tutoring is able to hire the best tutors from across the nation, and able to help students wherever they are with one of the most personalized programs in the world. The instructors create individualized lesson plans based on each student’s needs. Active learning methods are incorporated by encouraging students to engage in discussing, practicing, and applying the topics that they have learned to the real world, and Park Tutoring selectively hire tutors who are sociable, friendly, and caring, so they are very attentive and engaged with students. 

Tutors teach one-on-one or in a group format online through video conference calls. They are provided with remote learning technologies such as document cameras and stylus pens so that students can see what the tutors are writing in real-time. Upon request, document cameras can be lent to students, or they can simply use screen share. Park Tutoring's program mimics in-person tutoring with remote advantages: students can see materials in front of them, do not have to lean over tutors to view materials, and can learn from the comfort of their own homes. For students who live near Irvine, in-person tutoring is also offered upon request. 

Park Tutoring offers a variety of educational services for K-12 students including:

  • Academic tutoring 
  • Summer session (in-person group learning sessions for grades 1-8)
  • SAT/ACT prep 
  • College application writing 
  • College counseling
  • Leadership class.
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