LA Nature Kids Forest Preschool

LA Nature Kids Forest Preschool plays by the Forest School Curriculum. It is a close-knit, loving community that honors each member's individual gifts. Together, the children and teachers play, explore, learn, and grow to enhance a powerful connection to self, others, and nature. 

The term “forest school” comes from Europe; it refers to a school where the whole or part of the day or week is spent in nature. Instead of bringing the outside world into the classroom, forest school teachers bring the children into the outdoors. LA Nature Kids students go out every day in the school's bus to Santa Monica mountains and beaches, covering the area from Playa Del Rey to Malibu. The bus picks up and drops off at Clover Park in Santa Monica.

LA Nature Kids Preschool was born in 2011 out of a love for children and nature. Christopher Pierre, the school's chief and founder, likes to think that he was gifted this opportunity from life. He grew up in the Swiss Alps, spending his early childhood in the high alpine pastures with the farmers, their animals, and the forest. In Los Angeles, he found many little wilderness hidden gems exploring the Santa Monica mountains and beaches. It became his passion and vocation to bring children into this wilderness so close to the city. Since the beginning, LA Nature Kids has grown to a community of 500+ families.

LA Nature Kids is a play-based school, where children ages 3-5 learn through play and through interacting with each other, nature, and projects. The teachers are trained in the forest school curriculum; they have masters in early childhood development and have worked 10+ years in Reggio Emilia and other preschools before working at LA Nature Kids. All aspects of early childhood development are addressed, including social/emotional, math, science, literacy, art, music, and gross and fine motor skills.

LA Nature Kids also offers an after-school program and vacation camps for ages 5 to 11. Some students become mentors in training and later junior mentors as they grow.

Visit the website to learn more details about the LA Nature Kids Preschool and other offerings.

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