Girls Rock SB Amplify Sleep Away Camp

Amplify campers follow their dreams, try incredible new things, and gain lifelong friends and positive role models in a safe and supportive environment. The very low staff-to-camper ratio of 1:6 ensures a level of instruction, engagement, and mentoring that makes the experience unforgettable.

Campers choose a specialty (Amplify call ‘em "tracks") to focus on during each session of camp. Some campers sign up for a different track for each session they’re enrolled in, and some stay with the same track for the whole season. There’s no wrong way to amplify your voice.

No matter where you land, you’ll have about a million opportunities to dabble in lots of artistic areas and work alongside campers from other tracks. Amplify loves teamwork and co-creation.

Options include:

  • Rock Band Track—Rock star campers spend their session learning (or further mastering) an instrument, forming a collaborative band, writing original songs, and performing on stage for the entire camp community. 
  • DJ Track—Learn to mix, scratch, edit, and more on the road to becoming a bona fide DJ.
  • Music Production & Engineering Track—Professional instructors with years of music industry experience teach young producers and sound engineers all about music theory, recording, and more.
  • Photography Track—Highlights include working with camp community “clients” to capture their beauty, learning editing tools like Photoshop, and working closely with instructors to compile their own digital portfolios.
  • Podcasting Track—Fearless truth seekers learn all about basic researching/developing, interviewing, and recording/editing techniques.
  • Music Video Making Track—By the end of the session, every camper in the crew will have had the opportunity to direct, shoot, and edit a part of their team’s original music video.
  • Skateboarding Track—Hit the ground running in Ojai’s very own famous concrete jungle with a skate coach and camp staff who meet our campers at any skill level, whether they’re just starting to balance on the board or are ready for aerials.
  • Journalism Track—Learn basic reporting, researching, interviewing, and editing techniques, covering both the technical side (how to set-up and work the tools of the trade, how to copyedit) and the creative side (designing their own article art, layouts, etc.).
  • Syryn Leadership Program—Teens get all the fun of sleep away camp, but also all the professional experience and skill development of an advanced internship.

Ojai Valley School (Upper Campus)
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