EverWild is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit committed to engaging and mentoring children and families in developing a meaningful connection to the Earth. EverWild offers nature immersion programs throughout the school year and summer months. EverWild’s Nature Immersion Programming provides meaningful outdoor experiences and deep a nature connection for children and communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

EverWild's classes encompass forest-school and place-based learning philosophies, support the development of ecological literacy and 21st-century skills, support social-emotional development, and organically implements the practice of environmental stewardship skills. Utilizing nature as their classroom children engage in place-based and project-based learning through Next Generation Science Standards. Children discover, learn, and play alongside qualified mentors in the local canyons, beaches, and wetlands.

The majority of families who enroll their children at EverWild are homeschooling. Children typically attend EverWild 2 days/week. EverWild also partners with online charter schools, local school districts, and other enrichment programs to expand offerings to more children. They are actively raising funds and providing opportunities for children from low-income households to attend their Nature Immersion Program.

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