Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center

Founded in 1970 and completely rebuilt in 2010, Temple Israel of Hollywood’s Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center is a bright, modern school in the heart of a warm, welcoming, diverse, and supportive community. Each child’s unique style and pace of learning and developing is embraced and fostered by a focus on discovery, exploration, creativity, and a sense of wonder in a self-rewarding environment.

Children at the Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center develop active minds and strong communication strategies. They build lifelong social skills to work with and care for others, as well as the self-confidence to be independent. Families build deep connections as their children discover the values, seasons, rituals, and richness of Jewish community life.

The center is committed to providing a meaningful and developmental program that embraces play-based, emergent, and outdoor curricula. Each child’s unique style of living and learning is respected and fostered. Jewish values and traditions such as Tikkun Olam are celebrated and interwoven into the programs, drawing upon the important connection between the children, their families, and the vibrant Temple Israel of Hollywood community at large.

The school's developmental curriculum is founded on the best practices of “whole child” philosophies and schools of thought. Play-based, purposeful activity with natural objects and real-life tasks creates a positive environment where children learn to enjoy the process of learning rather than focus on the result.

What happens in the classroom is supported by parent education workshops, holiday celebrations, spiritual activities, and a working partnership with staff, parents, clergy and the close-knit community of Temple Israel of Hollywood.

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