Best Spots to Cool Off with Frozen Desserts in Houston

One of the few bonuses to Houston's almost nonstop hot weather is that you can pretty much indulge in frozen sweets year-round. Whether it's an after-school treat or an after-dinner outing while savoring those last rays of sunlight, these 15 spots have the best ice cream and frozen desserts in Houston.

Experience Out-of-This-World Fun at Distroller World Houston

You may have heard a new kind of toy store moved into Houston last fall. Distroller, pronounced dee-stro-yer​, is an unconventional toy experience similar to Build-A-Bear and can be found in the Houston Galleria. A few weeks ago, my 5-year-old daughter and I had the pleasure to visit the brightly colored store whose motto is, "Being boring is forbidden," and I can promise it was anything but. Not only did my daughter have fun, but she learned about caregiving and development.

Read on to learn what you can expect from the out-of-this world shop, and visit our Indoor Fun Guide for Houston Families for more ideas on great days out with the kids.

9 Delicious Popsicle Shops in Houston

Popsicles are great for many reasons; what other food comes such a diverse array of flavors? From Jalepeno, Mango con Chile, Chai Latte, Blackberry Ginger, Milk and Cookies, Horchata, Champagne Pear, Fruity Pebbles, Watermelon Mojito, King Cake, and Avocado, Houston's popsicle shops and trucks have it all. Enjoying a popsicle is one of the sweetest ways to cool down in the summer in Houston, and local options range from trendy artisanal pops made with organic ingredients to more traditional favorites. With flavors ranging from fruity and icy to creamy and rich to savory and surprising, there is bound to be something for every taste preference. Why not try them all?

Houston Area Music and Theater Camps

Houston has an array of summer and vacation camps to fit every kid's passion which provides a break from the classroom and the perfect opportunity for kids to pursue their interests in a more singular fashion. Have an aspiring actor or actress on your hands? Use summertime to help them hone in on their musical and theatrical skills by enrolling your little Romeo or Juliet in one of Houston's many music or theater camps.

And for more summer and vacation camp ideas, check out our comprehensive camp guide and full directory of camp listings.

10 Dual-Language and Immersion Preschools in Houston

It is a known fact that the brains of young children are primed to learn languages and the earlier they are exposed to a language, the easier it is for them to learn it. Research has shown that there are many benefits to learning a second language, including higher self-esteem, better test scores, enhanced creativity, a higher level of complex problem solving, and an appreciation of other cultures. And that's not to mention increased employability as an adult in our increasingly globalized and diverse society.

The natural ability of young children to learn a second, or third, language makes a dual-language or language immersion preschool a great option for childcare and may even save you money in the long run when your kids test out of college language credits! Consider giving your child the gift of a second language and check out these 10 language immersion and dual language preschools located in and around Houston. 

Gyms and Yoga Classes with Childcare in Houston

The beginning of a new year is always a popular time to make healthy lifestyle changes and start a new fitness plan, but getting fit as a parent can bring many challenges. It can be hard to make yourself a priority, and it is often difficult to figure our how to keep your children occupied while you work out. Fortunately, there are quite a few options for gyms and yoga classes with childcare in and around Houston. For some workouts you can do with your children check out Houston's rock-climbing gyms and baby yoga classes. 

Tree Lighting Celebrations In and Around Houston

There are so many wonderful activities to enjoy this time of year in and around Houston. From shopping at holiday markets, checking out the Nutcracker Ballet and other holiday shows to family volunteering, there is no shortage of holiday fun. You can even cut down your own Christmas tree. But if you are looking for an exciting, family-friendly tradition that truly captures the beauty of the holiday season, attending a tree lighting is the way to go. We've rounded up some wonderful tree lighting celebrations and best of all, they are all FREE!

Family Fitness: Houston-Area Turkey Trots & Fun Runs

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and if you're anything like me you've already started dreaming of all the delicious holiday food you're going to enjoy with family. After all, this is the one time each year that it's actually acceptable to spend the entire day eating...and then eating some more. But consider starting a new family tradition - participating in a family Turkey Trot, which gets everyone up and moving and allows you to raise funds for a good cause. Here are 12 family-friendly runs happening around Houston!

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