Learning and Playing at KidsPlay Children's Museum in Torrington

When my kids wanted a fun place to visit, they rarely (okay, never) asked: “Can we go to Torrington?” But that has changed since our first visit to KidsPlay, a children’s museum located downtown in Litchfield County’s largest city. After just one visit, KidsPlay became a favorite destination, and these days, the museum is better than ever after a recently completed expansion that doubled the square footage and play space. From the moment you enter through its doors (monitored by security cameras), the amount of creativity and fun details will leave you impressed and little adventurers giddy. The museum is designed for ages 2-8, and without a doubt, the persons behind its establishment know what makes children happy and how they learn best through play.

BMX Tracks in Connecticut

Some kids like arts and crafts and some kids like to collect things. Other kids prefer soccer or perhaps horseback riding. And then there are the kids who want to strap on a helmet and fling themselves high into the air off dirt mounds and wheelie around asphalt track walls. I've got one of those.

When he was five, he arrived home one day and announced that he would like to try BMX thank you very much. I was pretty skeptical at first, I knew next to nothing about the sport and had visions of broken bones and concussions. I began asking around and soon found that the BMX scene in Connecticut is thriving. Not only that, it is one of the most inclusive sports I've ever seen.

20 Connecticut Tea Rooms For a Cozy Autumn Day

Spicy or robust, fruit-flavored or floral, a hot cup of tea can set the right tone for time with anyone special, but especially with one of your own children! Are you looking to spend some special time with a tween or teen? Or trying to occupy a rainy afternoon?  Take them out for a cup of tea in one of these Connecticut tea rooms and see how the conversation flows.

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