Holiday Strolls and Tree Lighting Events in the Hartford Area

One of the best things about living in Connecticut is the small-town feel our communities work so hard to capture. This sentiment can especially be felt around the holidays when people come together. So even if you don't live in these towns in Hartford County, you are welcome and encouraged to celebrate the season at these events.  Check out our Holiday Guide and our list of Holiday Light Shows for even more tips on fun ways to celebrate the season.

Cornfest, Hay Day, and Parks Galore: 25 Things to Do This Fall in Hartford County

Fall is my favorite season: there are so many fun activities available in the greater Hartford region in that short stretch of comfortable weather punctuated by New England foliage. Inevitably, by the time November rolls around, there are at least ten things that I wished I’d done but either I didn’t think of them, or I didn’t get around to them. To help you make the most of this fall season, we've compiled a list of fall favorites (including some indoor activities for those rainy days). If you get around to all of them, you’re my hero.

Shop for Great Bargains and Variety at Consignment Stores in the Hartford Area

Ahhh, the excitement of back-to-school shopping: notebooks, pencils, crayons...and clothes and shoes you know your child will outgrow by year's end. It’s one thing to invest in quality items as an adult, but quite another to contend with growth spurts, messy dinners and art projects, or heavy playground wear and tear. 

Consignment stores are enticing for a few reasons: the savings are most obvious; oftentimes, you can purchase new children's items with original price tags still attached and expensive brand names at less than half the original cost. In addition to keeping more money in your wallet, you'll also find more variety and benefit the environment when giving something used new life again.

Of course, you can also make money or earn store credit when selling your child's gently used clothing. So, whether you're looking for school uniforms, sweaters, pants, or specialty items like festive wear, dance apparel, baby equipment, toys, and books, check out the following spots in the greater Hartford area for consignment opportunities near you.

The Ten Top Playgrounds in the Hartford Area

Sometimes we get so busy with our regular routines, we forget to do one of the most important and healthy things with our children: get outside! Spending times outdoors is so healthy for kids (and parents) physically, mentally and even emotionally. With nice weather, everyone’s itching to spend some time outdoors. And what better way than to run, jump, and climb your way around the Greater Hartford area?  Use our list of parks and playgrounds to spend tons of time outdoors with your family! 

Science Museums and Nature Centers in the Hartford Area

Do your kids love animals? Are they fascinated by butterflies and don't mind the sound of crunching leaves under foot?  There are many opportunities for your little science buff to discover nature, investigate planets and anything science related. Check out these great science museums and nature centers in the Hartford area. Of course, don't forget to check out our Kid Friendly CT Museum Guide for lots of other great suggestions of places to go too.

Yoga Classes for Babies and Kids in the Hartford area

Yoga for babies can be a powerful way for caregivers to strengthen their bond with their infant while simultaneously promoting motor, social and emotional skills. For older kids, yoga helps them develop strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and focus. An early introduction to yoga paves the way for a life of healthy habits.These Hartford area studios will help you and your little yogi find your moment of Zen. Be sure to check out our complete guide to classes in Connecticut. Namaste! 

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free in Central CT

During the summer months we try to spend as much time out of the house as possible.  Between all the beach days, zoo visits, farmers markets, weekend getaways and festivals, the cost of all these things can quickly rack up. After all this, it's nice to find ways to save money in as many ways as possible. Many restaurants allow children to eat free so I have compiled a list of places where kids can eat free so that your money can be spent on other entertaining things to do. For a list of some of our fave family friendly restaurants in Central CT, but not necessarily free, check out our other post also.

Day Trip to Old Wethersfield in Hartford County, CT

As the weather warms up in the spring and summer months we like to head outdoors and explore the area much more. We’re always looking for new locations to discover and Hartford County has many spots like Westmoor Park or Wickham Park that make great local day trips.

Another place to visit is historical Wethersfield which is touted as Connecticut’s "Most Auncient Towne". Wethersfield is dedicated to preserving the New England heritage and visitors can relive it through an authentic, living New England village whose historic homes, an ancient burying ground, local farm stands, shops, casual dining, museums filled with artifacts and many other places of interest offers an amazing experience for any age.

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