King School

King School doesn't believe the smartest person in the room is the one with all the answers, it’s the one with all the questions. The school welcomes the curious ones—the ones who aren’t afraid to ask why, to try something new, to get it wrong before they get it right. It looks for open minds and courageous thinking.

The school believes in the power of wonder. This begins with students becoming agents in their own learning. When students are exploring, reflecting, questioning, evaluating, making connections—and teachers are creating and guiding these moments of discovery—students are truly learning. This is what's called inquiry-based learning, and it is what King does at every grade level and in every discipline.

King students develop a research mindset and apply that approach to all subject matters. From discovering the world around them in Prekindergarten to crafting complex and multidisciplinary senior projects, King students embrace learning through discovery, exploration, and hands-on experiences.

Every aspect of the King experience prioritizes and optimizes engagement—from the wide variety of active, immersive learning experiences to intentional efforts to reach each and every student. True engagement at King is the entire community’s commitment to excellence in learning. 

King School believes in the power of community. A community that celebrates multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Community members learn from one another and become stronger together. King students come from 40 different towns. The school is a global community with more than 70 countries represented. There is no one type of student at King. Students have multiple interests and the school offers opportunities to explore them. 

King knows that wondering minds go further. By the time they graduate, students have more than learned, they learned how to learn. The world is rapidly changing; we might not know what the future will bring, but we know we’ll be ready—ready to succeed and better prepared to better the world.

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