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Clients home, preschools, Playground


Overall Rating:
Amanda is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. She has the creativity and thoughtfulness to reach and support children. You would be lucky to have her and so will your child!
We're posting this endorsement on behalf of our son's behavior therapist, Amanda Houle. She is a private early childhood specialist. Amanda was our son Kenzie's independent SEIT for two years until he started grade school. That's him in the pictures above reading a book and playing a game with Amanda! Amanda's personality is the kind that appeals to us - forthright, thoughtful, compassionate, in-charge and dedicated. We are hands-on parents and we loved that she was as equally committed to helping Kenzie as we were. My own personal motto has always been "whatever it takes to get the job done" and I feel Amanda has the same ethics too. Here are some examples of the above-and-beyond things that I felt she did when she worked with us: - Attended our son's IEP and Turning 5 meetings to advocate for his placement - Volunteered to observe him in a new school we considered placing him for kindergarten and provided a detailed report on her observations - Attended two summer camps with Kenzie, facilitating play with other children and improve his social and emotional skills - Spoke to his other therapists and preschool teacher on a regular basis to keep them updated on Kenzie's status We don't have to tell you that communication with your child's therapist is key. Reaching Amanda was never a problem. We frequently exchanged emails, phone calls and texts with her for advice, updates and follow-ups. She is quite serious about the follow-ups as she wants to stay in the loop re: your child's progress. Regards, Roland Thomas & Julia Facey