Einstein's Workshop

At Einstein’s Workshop, kids explore robotics, Minecraft, programming, 3D printing, laser cutting, science, and engineering through fun, hands-on camps, classes, and birthday parties. Kids in Kindergarten through 9th grade have a blast and don’t even realize they are learning!

Half and full day camp options:

  • Week-long summer camps run from early June through the end of August.
  • Vacation week camps are offered for Winter, February, and April school vacations.
  • STEAM Days are one-day camps offered on school holidays, professional development, and early release days. 

Einstein’s Workshop offers four eight-week sessions of weekend and after school classes during the school year.

It also hosts birthday parties. Make your next party unforgettable by celebrating at Einstein’s Workshop.


The mission is to inspire children in their exploration of STEAM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Einstein's Workshop teaches lessons that provide the scaffolding necessary to help students explore, grow, and gain confidence at their own pace. Students develop a natural curiosity and ability to navigate and succeed in an increasingly tech-driven society.


Einstein's Workshop staff are devoted to sharing their enthusiasm for STEAM with students. They believe kids who are excited, having fun, and exploring with other kids learn naturally. Students love attending Einstein's Workshop because they have the opportunity to use their creativity to invent their own solutions and experience that eureka moment.

Project Based: Curriculum consists of unique activities designed to teach, challenge, and allow for creative exploration.

Social: Classes and large drop-in space encourage students to teach each other and learn together.

Multi-disciplinary: Camps and classes span multiple STEAM categories, encouraging students to take a multi-disciplinary approach that helps them extend learning to other challenges in the world.

Einstein's Workshop has a not-so-hidden agenda of getting girls excited about STEM.

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