Singapore Math Online Class: Grade 3

Mon Oct 10, 2022 - Fri Dec 9, 2022- see all dates
4:00pm to 8:00pm ET
7-9 years
$30 per session

Spark Math helps students enjoy learning math. This program uses Singapore Math curriculum which is adopted by most private schools in the United States. The curriculum covers key 3rd-grade knowledge and 50% of the 4th-grade curriculum. The course is 6 months ahead of school.

With interactive small group setting (1-5 kids per group), live experienced teachers, innovative manipulatives and online tools, Spark Math helps students learn math easily and effectively wherever they are. Students achieve more than just better grades, they discover a way to make math fun and interactive. 

Knowledge Overview:

Whole numbers
- Numbers Up to 1000
- Numbers Up to 10,000
- Count and Write Numbers within 100 000 in Numerals and Words
- Understand the Place Value of Numbers within 100,000
- Comparing and Ordering Numbers up to 100,000

Place Value
- Compare Numbers
- Order Numbers

Addition & Subtraction
- Addition and Subtraction within 1000
- Addition and Subtraction within 10,000
- Addition and Subtraction Tricks
- Addition and Subtraction Equations

Factors & Multiples
List Factors and Common Factors of Whole Numbers
List Multiples and Common Multiples of Whole Numbers

Multiplication & Division
- Multiplication (within 100)
- Multiplication (beyond 100)
- Division (within 100)
- Division (beyond 100)
- Mixed Operations
- Tricks of Mixed Operations
- Multiplication and Division Equations

- Basic Fraction
- Compare and Order Fractions
- Equivalent Fractions
- Conversion between Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
- Adding Unlike Fractions
- Subtracting Unlike Fractions
- Mixed Operations of Fraction

Book a session below. Each class includes 45 minutes of instruction with 15 minutes afterwards to have a discussion with teacher and homework review. Once booked, a Spark Math Education Consultant will reach out to you to  confirm your time slot.

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