Teach Me Wall Street

Teach Me Wall Street offers engaging online classes that empower kids with real-world knowledge about money, investing, trading, and the role of Wall Street and banks—topics rarely covered in school. 

Summer Boot Camps

Track 1: Wall Street 101
Explore how Wall Street works and who the players are; includes the basics of stocks and bonds.

Track 2: Investing & Trading
Learn the best investment strategies to help you grow your money and how to do analysis to find these investments. 

Track 3: Budgeting and Beyond
Learn how to create and manage a budget and avoid financial pitfalls.

Track 4: Fintech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Focus on new, uncharted and developing technologies and the exciting investing and career opportunities they present.

Camp runs in June, July, and August. Join for one week or the full four-week Investment Savvy and Financial Literacy Program.

Activity Guides