Teach Me Wall Street

Teach Me Wall Street - Finance Summer Boot Camps

Teach Me Wall Street makes on-line learning fun with Summer Finance Boot-Camps for high school students that focus on Wall Street, Trading, Investing, Business and Personal Finance! The boot camps (one – three weeks in length) give kids who want to learn about Wall Street, investing and money a chance to connect, work on exciting hands-on projects and gain valuable skills while having fun!

Wall Stret 101 - the Foundation of Investing - 1 week

Lay down the ground work for success in your teens financial journey. Give them an understanding of how Wall Street and the stock market works.

Wall Street 101, Investing & Trading - 2weeks

Wall Strreet 101 plus learn to pick good stocks and manage a portfoltion.  Understand what moves the market up or down.

Bdgeting & Beyond - 1 week

Lacking financial skills can be costly!  Your teen can avoid financial hardships in the future by acquiring essential money management skill this summer.

Program Details:

LIVE instruction is offered by seasoned professionals. All sessions can be accessed from home or any place where there’s a quiet space and a reliable internet connection.

Boot camps are offered twice a day Monday - Friday at 10am EST or 1pm EST. Students select the time that best fits their schedule and can alternate times when necessary. Duration - 2 hours a day with breaks. There are several one-week boot camps and multiple week packages to choose from.

Prrograms takes place during June, July and August.  For the full calendar and all the program details please visit website.

Teach Me Wall Street
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